Portfolio (Page 2)

Demolition Man

Motion picture advertising poster and teaser campaign. Font design and unique photoshop filter.


Online rich media ads for season 1 on DVD, also did preliminary sketches for intro splash pages to the ABC Lost website.

Falcon Beach

Online rich media campaign announcing season debut. Ads included social "poll" and links to MySpace pages.

Bionicle 2

Online rich media campaign, banners had info about each character, and eyeblaster featured random character display.

the Muppets

Online rich media campaign for the release of the 2nd season on DVD. Utilized beloved characters, and lyrics from theme song.

High School Musical 2

Online rich media campaign promoting features only available on DVD, because show was already free on Disney Channel.

The Incredibles

Online campaign ads for DVD release, Eyeblaster version was recognized with an award "Top Ten of 2005."

ABC Sweeps

Online banner campaign during sweeps week to promote new shows, and linked to ABC microsites.


Online banners for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, with random jumbled letters when clicked message is revealed.


Built fake website graphics, banners used in television commercial.

Cartoon Network

TV spots, show open and bumpers for a block of shows on Cartoon Network.

Night Stalker

Online rich media campaign for DVD release of shortlived series remake of 70's classic show.

Desperate Housewives

Rich email for season one release on DVD, utilized familiar show open with a few changes for audience of resellers.


TV commercial that ran on MTV late-night, was featured in 1995 Communication Arts Advertising Annual.

More Banners

Here's a small collection of favorite banners, but a bit biased (I created these too!)