Portfolio (Page 1)


Lead designer for Birthdays'R'Us, a site dedicated to TRU's birthday club. Games, party planning fun for kids and adults.

Sun Microsystems

Sales promotional support through interactivity for trade shows and online walkthroughs.

ABC - the Oscars (2008)

Online banner campaign. Ads featured live RSS and live video from the 'red carpet'

Lucasfilm's "Star Wars"

Style guide design work for Episodes I, II, III and Clone Wars. Designs were featured on a variety of different products.

Disney Rewards - Games

Developed a series of games for online play which promoted Pirates of the Caribbean.


Created website about advertising during the Super Bowl. News, previews, reviews, and more. (In its 16th year!)

Dark Water

Online rich media campaign for theatrical release. Expandable ads and Yahoo! front page takeover video ad on premiere day.

Disney • Pixar "Ratatouille"

Online banner campaign and game design to promote DVD release.

EA's "the Sims"

Game design, and animation for add-on package to game. Was part of microsite that won 'One Show' Bronze Pencil Award

Hewlett Packard

Kiosk attract loop with interactivity for HP's trade shows.

CNET: the computer network

TV commercials and motion graphic design for CNET's televeison shows on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Dreamworks "Deep Impact"

Space ship displays and animated newsroom graphics for this motion picture. Filmed on set with actors.

High School Musical

Online advertising campaign for DVD release of "remixed" version of movie.

Disney's "Flubber"

Computer screen animation, was added into the film after principal photography was shot.

13 Nights of Halloween

Game design for expandable ad banners and website. Photography of toumbstones in Pac-man style game.