Ken Phipps

Interactive Art Director / Flash Developer / Graphic Designer / Animator

Professional Experience:

Hyperdigitalinteraction Inc. - Raleigh, NC
4/97 - Present
OWNER - Creative Director
Freelance and contract interactive design and Flash development for websites and online rich media advertising.

Projects for North Carolina based clients:
Mellonaid (Flash Development, Various Website Projects)
Chris Jackson and Partners (Flash Website Development)
Littleton Advertising and Marketing (Flash Website Development and Design)
The Catevo Group (Flash Website Development)
Breakiron Animation and Design (eLearning Math K-5th Grade Animations)

Projects for Texas based clients:
CORT (Flash Header Development, Flash Video Player Development)

Projects for New York based clients:
True North Inc. (Flash Development for ABC, Disney, Toys"R"Us )

Projects for California based clients:
Lucasfilm Ltd. (StarWars - Episode I, II, III Style Guides)
Electronic Arts (Game Promotions)
Hewlett Packard (Sales CD-Roms)
Sun Microsystems (Video, Flash Web Presentations)
Tivo (Interface Prototype) (Marketing Materials)
CNET (Rich Media Ads)
Kontera (Rich Media Ads)

True North Incorporated - San Francisco, California / New York, New York
6/04 - 1/09
Art Director
Rich media advertising design - Animation, website design, interactive design,
flash actionscript programming, banners and email

Flash Development, Design of On-line Advertising Campaigns for:
Toys "R" Us (Website Design)
The Oscars (Banner Campaign)
Ratatouille (DVD Release and Game)
Pirates of the Caribbean - At Worlds End (Website Games)
High School Musical (Remix and HSM2)
The Muppets Season 2 (DVD Release)
The Chronicles of Narnia (DVD Release)
Chicken Little (DVD Release)
Falcon Beach (ABC Family Season Premiere)
LOST (Season 1 DVD Box Set, Season 3 DVD Box Set)
Desperate Housewives (Season 1, 2 DVD Box Sets)
Dark Water (Theatrical Release)
The Incredibles (DVD Release)
Bionicle (DVD Release)
Bambi (DVD Release)
Kim Possible (DVD Release)
Pokemon (DVD Release)
JoJo's Circus (DVD Release)
Power Rangers (DVD Release)
Hilary Duff (DVD Release)

CNET: the computer network - San Francisco, California
11/95 - 4/97
Sr. Designer "" / Animator
Web site design, interactive design, animations for television shows
"c|net central", "the web","the new edge", ""

High Resolution Imagery - Hollywood, California
1/92 - 11/95
Art Director
Freelance computer graphics, illustration, photo-retouching,
computer color separations, ad design, photography, package design,
poster design, font design, digital video

Klein Design - Hollywood, California
6/88 - 4/92
Art Director / Production Systems Supervisor
illustration, photo-retouching, computer color separations,
texturemapping, animation, interactive video, iris inkjet print service,
typesetting and page layout, recommended upgrades of equipment,
software and hardware installation, oversaw personnel,
recommended and trained new employees

Bright and Associates / Chiat Day - Los Angeles, California
5/87 - 9/87

Professional Attributes:

Strong conceptual thought, problem solver, workaholic, broad-range of design styles,
entrepreneurial spirit, team player, excellent communication skills, ability to manage
multiple projects from conception to completion, attention to detail, logical ability to
master new software, hardware platforms quickly, good actionscript coding skills


California Institute of the Arts - Valencia, California
1/87 - 5/88
MFA Graphic Design / Computer Graphics courses

Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
9/80 - 12/84
Degree BFA - Graphic Design

Awards and Honors:

2010 DMA Echo Award Bronze - Retail/Direct Sales
Toys'R'Us - Birthdays'R'Us Websites

2007 Mark Awards Nominee
"Falcon Beach" - ABC Family Online Campaign

2005 5th Annual Eyeblaster Awards
Top 10 in 2005 - "The Incredibles"

2002 Macromedia Flash Advertising Alliance
First Annual Excellence in Macromedia Flash Advertising
Honorable Mention for Rich Media Ads

2001 One Show Interactive Bronze "Beyond the Banner"
Electronic Arts - Murder Inc. "the Sims House"

2001 selected by Internet Cool Guide
Internet Cool Guide - Sports

2000 VLSI Site Rated #1 in Survey of Top Silicon Valley Contenders
Shelley Taylor & Associates & The San Jose Mercury News

2000 "Film and Video" magazine article
Deep Impact visual

1999 "Photoshop for the Web" written by Mikkel Aaland
Book Contributor

1997 Computer Press Award
Online Feature "Quake vs. Duke Nukem"

1997 Graphis Webdesign Now

1997 Telly Award :30 TV commercial

1996 Macromedia Semi-finalist People's Choice Awards
Self Promotional Interactive Portfolio

1995 Communication Arts Advertising Annual
:30 Sheik Condoms Television Commercial

1993 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual
MCA-Universal Licensing Video Packaging

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